About Us

Level up your snacking vibes with Amos Sweets

Dive into our stackable candies that are not just a treat, but a whole mood! 🍬✨ Crafted for the ultimate snacking session, these gummies are your go-to for building and stacking sweet creations!

Memicu kreativitas, momen ceria dan memberikan pengalaman yang inovatif
Beyond Sweetness

Amos Sweets is your ticket to more than just sweetness. It’s a playground for those who crave delicious treats and yearn to embody their sense of fun, spontaneity, and youthfulness.

Tentang Amos

At Amos Sweets, we’re not just about candy; we’re about a delightful experience that transcends borders. With a commitment to food hygiene and an array of certifications, our treats are crafted to perfection, making Amos a trusted choice in over 50 countries worldwide! 

Why choose Amos? 🤔 Here’s the sweet scoop:

🌐 Global Presence: Our delectable creations have made their mark in more than 50 countries, bringing joy to taste buds around the world.

🍏 Top-Notch Food Hygiene: We take your well-being seriously. Our commitment to food hygiene ensures that every bite is a safe and delicious one.

🏅 Certified Excellence: With certifications that speak volumes, Amos Sweets is your assurance of quality and excellence in every sweet moment.